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Grad 2016 – A

She’s a breath of fresh air.  She’s a light, she’s sweetness, she’s funny, she’s kind.  I could giggle with this little lady for hours…quite literally the poor girl, if I have the time and she’s around I don’t think I’ll let her leave.  I could talk with her for hours!  (Miss A.  this is your formal warning 😉 )  Honestly, I saw her by the strawberries at the store the other day and I had half a mind to put the baby down let him run and just hang out.  ha ha ha!

Photographing her was an absolute dream.  She is literally this beautiful and her amazing personality pours from her heart.  My goodness girl, take that sunshiny personality and apply that to your life…you have got this!

I was working away and found some pretty fantastic quotes for new beginnings.  They apply to all walks of life.  Yes, graduation is a symbolic time of starting something new, beginning a new path…but there are days when we roll out of bed and we are in need of something new.  When we open our eyes and we decide today will be the start or the change…and we are allowed as many of those as we need.  That’s life…it’s never set in stone, it’s never written by your past and it’s never defined by a circumstance.  We can be whoever we want to be and we can decide today…or if we aren’t quite ready yet…tomorrow will be the beginning of the next chapter.

SO no matter how many times you stumble, or fall flat on your face…you are to get up, brush yourself off and continue on.  The world truly is at your disposal and you can do anything miss A.  Absolutely anything.

“By all reckoning, the bumblebee is aerodynamically unsound and shouldn’t be able to fly.  Yet, the little bee gets those wings going like a turbo-jet and flies to every plant its chubby little body can land on to collect all the nectar it can hold.  Bumblebees are the most persistent creatures.  They don’t know they can’t fly, so they just keep buzzing around.  Like the lowly bumblebee, honored graduates, never give in to the pessimism.  Don’t know that you can’t fly, and you will soar like an eagel.”  ~Earl Bakken

(or like a bumblebee ;))

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