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Grad – Miss M

It’s your session date…and the weather is…not exactly cooperating.  If you think about it, Saskatchewan weather is more than unpredictable…it’s down right crazy!  SO what do you do when gale force winds threaten to blow you away?

You take a deep breath and you just go with it!  (and find as much shelter from the wind as possible).

Bad weather can put a “damper” on things, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of your dream session.  In fact, if you are working with an experienced photographer, chances are they have seen it all and know how to work with the majority of what Mother Nature decides to toss in your face.

Miss M was one heck of a trooper and she came out of her windy day session with some incredible images.  Shelter from trees, the sides of buildings and machinery as well as positioning to work WITH the wind rather than against it made things go smooth as butter…just really cold butter.  😉

Her smile is absolutely incredible!  She could have been standing sopping wet in the pouring rain and her smile would have lit up her images and made them incredible regardless of what was going on around her.  Fortunately, the day shaped up to be not so bad and her session topped the charts as one of my favorites.

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