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On Location Photography – The Good and Dirty

On Location Photography is so much fun.  Each and every place is different, or if the same location is used, the possibilities are endless so it’s easy to create unique images for clients.

I absolutely love going to clients homes and seeing their favorite places and spaces.  There’s something so special about creating images in the places that have helped shape and create the lives of those in the photographs.  I often have people warn me about muddy yards, livestock or … the messy house.  My response is always, “please don’t worry, I’ve seen it all I am 100% prepared to come in, have fun, create images and NEVER judge!”

Part of what I do and how I create images for clients is to go with the flow and to use what inspires us in the moment.  If the sun is peaking through the slats in a barn at the perfect moment, it’s going to be used.  If the snow is melting from the rooftops and making a diamond like stream…it’s going to be used.  Relaxing, letting go and having fun is what makes your session both memorable and beautiful.

(these words of advice I need to listen to when having my own family photographed!  😉 )

I had an absolute blast last year with Miss K and her session.  We chose to go out of town down some back roads to hit up some fun spots.  However, it had rained quite a bit in the days before and the road I decided to take us down ended up being a sticky concoction of Tisdale’s famous clay soils and the surface of a low level crossing…yeah.  My sandals were soon layered in 6 inches of mud, then my feet…and so the following occurred.   (I should have found and posted the cray fish that was crawling mercilessly towards me while I was balancing next to the waters edge)

It all worked out in the end.  We, thankfully, were able to drive out of the low level crossing and make our way back into town where I could then properly clean off my feet.  Miss K ended up with some pretty fabulous shots to commemorate her successes and graduating in 2016 and I think we wall had a blast.

SO words of advice for your next session:  Share your ideas with your photographer.  What do you want to see in your images and where would you like them taken.  If you haven’t a clue…work with her or him to come up with some ideas that speak to you as an individual.  Don’t be shy to show ideas and inspiration, we are all inspired by others and there is nothing wrong with wanting a specific shot…just know that each photographer is different and your take on “the shot” will be uniquely your own.


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