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A beautiful fall evening, after days of cloud, rain, snow…anything mother nature could think of to throw in the “unsuspecting” Saskatchewan dwellers faces, was a welcomed treat.  The sun dazzled us with its warm glow and we were sooooooooo lucky!  After one of her temper tantrums the weather decided to be kind and let us enjoy one of Saskatchewan’s most beautiful treasures, the sunset.

I knew this session would be incredible.  Not only because of the location, but because of the two who have decided to say “I do” this up and coming summer.

Location is always a huge factor…sentimental value holds such a huge place in my heart.  Creating images in places that have shaped the individual means so much more than a random local.  Mom and Dad’s farm couldn’t have been a better place to capture these two…and I’m even more excited to do the same this summer when they tie the knot.

What they wore was perfect.  It was simple, sweet and completely laid back…exactly the personality of these two.  A warm blanket helped to keep fingers from freezing and made for some sweet and fun memories for them to hold onto and look back on in the future.

I couldn’t decide on a handful of images to share…this session is too sweet and fun to hold back.  SO I created a slideshow of their images to show it all off.  <3





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This young lady and her amazing ideas!  Miss K decided on two separate sessions for her Grad photos.  We did the first in March and then again after Grad so we could be a little more care free with her beautiful dress. Her Mom contacted me early last year and we made the arrangements for her first session then tentatively booked her second until the date came closer.  For those who spend a lot of time in winter sports and activities two sessions is a perfect way to capitalize on those cold weather skills!  Sledding, figures skating, skiing, snowboarding, hockey, ringette…the options are endless!

This is a prime example of coming up with your own unique spin to make your session one of a kind.  Through it all she smiled her beautiful, humble, kind smile and was up for absolutely anything.  (Including the winding dirt road which resulted in some rather muddy feet)

I am so thrilled to have been able to work with you Miss K!  I look forward to hearing about your adventures and successes.


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On Location Photography is so much fun.  Each and every place is different, or if the same location is used, the possibilities are endless so it’s easy to create unique images for clients.

I absolutely love going to clients homes and seeing their favorite places and spaces.  There’s something so special about creating images in the places that have helped shape and create the lives of those in the photographs.  I often have people warn me about muddy yards, livestock or … the messy house.  My response is always, “please don’t worry, I’ve seen it all I am 100% prepared to come in, have fun, create images and NEVER judge!”

Part of what I do and how I create images for clients is to go with the flow and to use what inspires us in the moment.  If the sun is peaking through the slats in a barn at the perfect moment, it’s going to be used.  If the snow is melting from the rooftops and making a diamond like stream…it’s going to be used.  Relaxing, letting go and having fun is what makes your session both memorable and beautiful.

(these words of advice I need to listen to when having my own family photographed!  😉 )

I had an absolute blast last year with Miss K and her session.  We chose to go out of town down some back roads to hit up some fun spots.  However, it had rained quite a bit in the days before and the road I decided to take us down ended up being a sticky concoction of Tisdale’s famous clay soils and the surface of a low level crossing…yeah.  My sandals were soon layered in 6 inches of mud, then my feet…and so the following occurred.   (I should have found and posted the cray fish that was crawling mercilessly towards me while I was balancing next to the waters edge)

It all worked out in the end.  We, thankfully, were able to drive out of the low level crossing and make our way back into town where I could then properly clean off my feet.  Miss K ended up with some pretty fabulous shots to commemorate her successes and graduating in 2016 and I think we wall had a blast.

SO words of advice for your next session:  Share your ideas with your photographer.  What do you want to see in your images and where would you like them taken.  If you haven’t a clue…work with her or him to come up with some ideas that speak to you as an individual.  Don’t be shy to show ideas and inspiration, we are all inspired by others and there is nothing wrong with wanting a specific shot…just know that each photographer is different and your take on “the shot” will be uniquely your own.


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It’s your session date…and the weather is…not exactly cooperating.  If you think about it, Saskatchewan weather is more than unpredictable…it’s down right crazy!  SO what do you do when gale force winds threaten to blow you away?

You take a deep breath and you just go with it!  (and find as much shelter from the wind as possible).

Bad weather can put a “damper” on things, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of your dream session.  In fact, if you are working with an experienced photographer, chances are they have seen it all and know how to work with the majority of what Mother Nature decides to toss in your face.

Miss M was one heck of a trooper and she came out of her windy day session with some incredible images.  Shelter from trees, the sides of buildings and machinery as well as positioning to work WITH the wind rather than against it made things go smooth as butter…just really cold butter.  😉

Her smile is absolutely incredible!  She could have been standing sopping wet in the pouring rain and her smile would have lit up her images and made them incredible regardless of what was going on around her.  Fortunately, the day shaped up to be not so bad and her session topped the charts as one of my favorites.

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She’s a breath of fresh air.  She’s a light, she’s sweetness, she’s funny, she’s kind.  I could giggle with this little lady for hours…quite literally the poor girl, if I have the time and she’s around I don’t think I’ll let her leave.  I could talk with her for hours!  (Miss A.  this is your formal warning 😉 )  Honestly, I saw her by the strawberries at the store the other day and I had half a mind to put the baby down let him run and just hang out.  ha ha ha!

Photographing her was an absolute dream.  She is literally this beautiful and her amazing personality pours from her heart.  My goodness girl, take that sunshiny personality and apply that to your life…you have got this!

I was working away and found some pretty fantastic quotes for new beginnings.  They apply to all walks of life.  Yes, graduation is a symbolic time of starting something new, beginning a new path…but there are days when we roll out of bed and we are in need of something new.  When we open our eyes and we decide today will be the start or the change…and we are allowed as many of those as we need.  That’s life…it’s never set in stone, it’s never written by your past and it’s never defined by a circumstance.  We can be whoever we want to be and we can decide today…or if we aren’t quite ready yet…tomorrow will be the beginning of the next chapter.

SO no matter how many times you stumble, or fall flat on your face…you are to get up, brush yourself off and continue on.  The world truly is at your disposal and you can do anything miss A.  Absolutely anything.

“By all reckoning, the bumblebee is aerodynamically unsound and shouldn’t be able to fly.  Yet, the little bee gets those wings going like a turbo-jet and flies to every plant its chubby little body can land on to collect all the nectar it can hold.  Bumblebees are the most persistent creatures.  They don’t know they can’t fly, so they just keep buzzing around.  Like the lowly bumblebee, honored graduates, never give in to the pessimism.  Don’t know that you can’t fly, and you will soar like an eagel.”  ~Earl Bakken

(or like a bumblebee ;))

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