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Grandma L 90

Album:  http://www.asovx.com/upload/Preview?projectId=POm6CvWYRUQ%3D&webClientId=1

You will need to copy the link and paste it in your browser

Sometimes these album previews don’t work very well unless you are on a desk top computer.

Rather than ordering a bunch of proofs for Grandma Lillian I ordered a gift album for her.  I have included the link to that album so you can take a look and see what she is getting.  🙂  I figured she would rather have them all than forcing her to choose etc.  From there she can decide what she would like for prints etc.  If you are wanting your own copy you can let me know and I can order them for you or if you would rather digitals to do your own / or order prints as well that is an option.

If you are wanting copies or prints please use the number that shows up on the thumbnail, it will look like DSC####

I will include a list of the print and digital file pricing I have available.  As always, family and friends get 30% off discount so please keep that in mind when going through those options.  If you are interested in the album above I would charge cost only as this album type is different than what I normally order for business purposes.  The price was 63.00 American, until I can get the actual charge on my account I don’t know exact amount in Canadian but there are no added cost at the border.

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